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So Long Stock Photos

Aditi Datta

Have you heard the great news? Creative Commons is building a mobile app to replace stock photos. 

The awesome content sharing nonprofit Creative Commons has been working diligently to create a mobile app that allows people and businesses to request and use images from other users. The beauty is that these images are under an open license (Creative Commons' thing), which inevitably posses a threat towards our beloved stock photos.

This new app is called The List. Appropriately named because it provides lists of locations, people, objects and events that users might need pictures of. Then, other users can view these requests and publish their own images for public use directly through the app. Preview image courtesy of The Next Web.

For those of us that work with Facebook and other forms of social media on a daily basis, this is groundbreaking. Sometimes, you really need a photo of "a dog playing with a cat" and just can't justify buying a $15 stock photo for just one Fa...

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Welcome Our New Marketing Intern – Lauren!

Vallene Kailburn

Lauren Lombardi

We are excited to welcome Lauren to our team! Lauren grew up in Denver and graduated from Colorado State University with a BA in Journalism and Media Communications. She wanted to work in broadcast journalism, but quickly found her passion in marketing while planning events and digital campaigns for various organizations. Lauren loves to generate fresh, creative ways to help organizations successfully build their brands online and offline. In her free time she enjoys yoga, dance classes and craft brew tours.


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The Latest News in Social Media… Pinterest Announces Buyable Pins!

Brianne Witt

We’ve all been there… finding something worthy of buying on Pinterest, only to find out you are unable to click through to make the purchase.

On June 2, 2015 Pinterest announced that Buyable Pins will be released in the next few weeks to iPhones and iPads in the U.S. Androids and desktops can expect to see this change in future releases. It is said that this new capability will have the potential to change the way people shop.

Photo credit: pinterest.com
What does this mean for us as consumers as well as business owners?

For consumers:

The steps from pinning to purchase have been simplified. Next to the red “Pin it” button, there will be a blue “Buy it” button on pins that are available for purchase. The “Buy it” button will take you directly from the pin to checkout.

Other capabilities include filtering pins by price, color and size options. This quick process means no more hassle, and you can purchase your “Pinterest treasures” with ease.

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The Rotary Club of Fort Collins Satellite Inducts First Seven Members – Including Kerrie Luginbill, Head of Marketing at Old Town Media

Kerrie Luginbill

On April 29, 2015, The Rotary Club of Fort Collins inducted the first seven members of its new alternate meeting group, The Rotary Club of Fort Collins Satellite (The Satellite).

The Rotary Club of Fort Collins original and larger group, which has 155 members, meets over the lunch hour on Wednesdays at the Midtown Arts Building. Alternatively, the newly formed Satellite club will meet every other Wednesday evening from 5:30 p.m. until 6:30 p.m., in different locations until a more permanent location is secured.

The Satellite consists of 10 new members, including the seven inductees as well as three current members who have transitioned full time to The Satellite.

The vision of the Satellite is to promote member engagement and acts of service within the community while providing the flexibility for business professionals’ schedules. The Satellite’s meetings are limited to one hour, scheduled after work in the early evening and exclude the cost of a lunch.

The ten member...

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SEO is dead, long live SEO

Ryan McKenna


We’re entering a new age for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s time to adapt or be left behind. To really see where we’re headed, we need to look at what we’ve already done.

In 1998 Google Launched PageRank This one fell swoop effectively married SEO’s and links with the power of “link juice”. With the release of the Google PageRank Toolbar in 2000, SEOs were able to track how their page was ranking, and the pages of others. This helped determine which pages you wanted to get links from in order to bolster your own PageRank. This ultimately lead to Google Bombing.

One of the earliest practices SEOs figured out how to exploit for their sites was how to rank highly in search engine results for unrelated or off-topic search terms by linking heavily. There’s a good history of Google Bombing between 1999 and 2011, though Google is always quick to fix any damage done, and in some cases penalize the offender.

In the early 2000's Google released The Florida Update, ...

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TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More

Aditi Datta

I love cheesy and inspirational titles.

The other night, I was browsing Twitter and came across this awesome article from HootSuite that is just too good not to share. The article is titled "8 Qualities of a Kick-Ass Social Media Team," which naturally intrigued me since Old Town Media has made it a priority in 2015 to kick our own social media into high-gear. While I agree with Evan Lepage, the author of this great article, I find that these qualities make for a more efficient and effective team in general - not just for social media.

Creative: It's no secret that people are bombarded with content all day, everyday. Part of my job is helping our clients and OTM find ways to stand out from the pack. While at times this can be frustrating and draining, it is also exciting and stimulating. Inevitably, it is the companies that put the time, effort and creativity into every aspect of their company that produce the best work and captivate your attention.
Collaboration: In my o...

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Mike Selander

Last week Miles and Mike escaped the rain and headed to Las Vegas to attend Loopconf to learn some new tricks of the trade.  Loopconf is a developer-specific WordPress conference featuring the best of the best WordPress developers. The conference speakers shared their passion for a variety of topics from automated acceptance testing all the way through high-level security practices for PHP. In short, Loopconf is like Disneyland for WordPress developer's.

Since we build all of our websites on WordPress, listening and learning from industry leaders helps us improve our quality of work. Having the opportunity to meet and exchange knowledge with other technically-minded people allows us to stay ahead of the curve and push boundaries. Here are a few of the highlights from the conference:

Chris Lema: The CTO of Crowd Favorite talked about automating acceptance testing - running automated test on actions...

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Benefits of Hiring an Administrative Assistant

Brianne Witt

Feeling swamped and unproductive because you continuously have to stop what you’re doing to answer the phone? Or maybe you have unexpected visitors popping into the office to chat? Will the craziness ever end? Maybe not… but there is an answer to solve all of this: Hire an administrative assistant.

Hiring an administrative assistant is not only beneficial for yourself, but also for the organization and efficiency of your business.

How they will benefit you, the business owner:

They can handle all the clerical duties. Having someone manage day-to-day tasks such as answering the phone, scheduling meetings, running reports, etc. will allow the rest of the team to focus on the major tasks at hand.
Your time will free up so you can focus on growing the business. With more time working, and less time managing, you’ll have more time to successfully market your business and bring in more clients. This will allow you to experience growth with ease, without the dread of ...

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You’ve Graduated – Now What?

Cassidy Lundmark

Congratulations to all of the 2015 graduates! You have put in your hard work, had countless sleepless study-filled nights, drank an unhealthy amount of coffee, passed your exams (hopefully) and have a pretty piece of paper to prove that you completed a college education. So now what?

Applying for jobs post-college can be an intimidating and daunting task. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there with thousands of well-educated eager beavers wanting the same exact thing you do.

With competition for jobs being at an all-time high, I would like to give you some free tips (you already spent enough on college to get you hire-ready) on what will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. My free advice will increase your chances of landing a job and getting you one step closer to being a multi-millionaire with your dream career.

1. The obligatory resume

Everyone hates writing them. Everyone needs one. Your Senior Capstone hopefully taught you how to write a resume so I’m n...

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Goodbye Kayti, Welcome Brianne!

Vallene Kailburn

Brianne Witt

Arrivederci Kayti

We couldn't be more jealous that Kayti and her husband are taking a year off to travel around the world. Though we are sad to say goodbye, we are so happy for them and wish them all the best! Below are some fun photos of Kayti during her time with us at Old Town Media. If you're like us and would like to follow Kayti vicariously around the world, check out her blog!

Welcome Brianne - Our New Digital Marketing Account Manager

As we send Kayti off, we also welcome Brianne Witt to our team! Brianne grew up in Broomfield, Colorado, and graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Mass Communications, with an emphasis in public relations and advertising. Brianne loves thinking of new, creative ways to help clients successfully market their business.

Outside of work, Brianne enjoys spending time with her dog Wally and husband Andrew, trying new food around town, and daydreaming about t...

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