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Val Selected for 2014-2015 Leadership Fort Collins Program

Kerrie Luginbill


Congratulations to our bold leader, Val Kailburn, for being selected for the 2014-2015 Leadership Fort Collins Program!

What is Leadership Fort Collins?

Thirty-three current and emerging leaders were recently selected to participate in the 2014-2015 Leadership Fort Collins program. The group is a diverse mix of professions with representative from education, large and small business, not for profit and city and state office.

Leadership Fort Collins, a program of the Fort Collins Area Chamber, educates and motivates leaders who are committed to shaping the future of our community while encouraging inspired and active involvement that contributes to community betterment. The Leadership Fort Collins 2014-2015 program is being sponsored by Soukup, Bush & Associates.

Ann Hutchison, Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce executive vice president, announced the class on September 5. “The selection committee had a tremendous task when they were asked to select this year’s cl...

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SFCBA Presentation

Kerrie Luginbill

This morning I am headed to give a presentation on online marketing tips to the SFCBA.

About the SFCBA:

Our mission is to engage South Fort Collins businesses to identify collaborative solutions that advocate long-term enhancement and redevelopment of the South Fort Collins business climate, and promote economic vitality. Contact us for more information or click here to join the South Fort Collins Business Association.



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Yelp: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Kerrie Luginbill


One of the services that we offer at Old Town Media is online reputation management. Rather than utilizing an automated service for this, we do it manually - one by one - so that we can actually take note of the negative (and positive) comments made by customers, respond with personalization and keep tabs on ratings.

That being said, we feel your pain when it comes to Yelp.

We call Yelp. We email Yelp. We flag Yelp reviews. We field calls from Yelp ad reps. I'm just going to come out and say it: I don't like Yelp. But that's okay, because Yelp doesn't like a lot of businesses.

So let's break this down: there is a good side to Yelp.

The Good Side of Yelp

Yelp has been around for 10 years, it has an average of almost 140 million monthly unique visitors and it's responsible for approximately 61 million online reviews.

Yelp has changed how consumers make buying decisions and it has served as a resource for local businesses to use to tap into new markets and highligh...

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Vulnerability Found in Slider Revolution

Mike Selander

2 days ago, Sucuri released information about a security exploit in the popular Slider Revolution framework that allows a local file incursion - basically if you are affected by the exploit anyone can download any file on your server. This is a serious vulnerability and we recommend that you update Slider Revolution immediately and look through this list of affected themes (almost 200!) that have Slider Revolution bundled in them.

The vulnerability lies in the way thatSlider Revolution handles a particular AJAX request. A visitor or bot can hit a certain URL with a filepath attached and download any file on your server. This is of particular concern for WordPress users as a hacker can easily download the wp-config.php file, gain access to your database credentials and then take complete control of your site. You can read more on Sucuri's blog

This vulnerability brings up an important point about purchased themes - you never really know what you're getting. Around 200 themes on th...

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Woocommerce Coupon Bug

Miles Kailburn

One of our customers uses coupons pretty extensively within their Woocommerce platform. Generally they use a Cart % Discount to make things simple for their customers. While migrating orders from one system to the other, they noticed that the final total was coming up 1-3 cents off. We pulled the order data and found that the coupon system within Woocommerce applies coupons per-item and then adds up the total. This creates a rounding issue versus taking the sub-total and taking the % discount at that level. On average, we were coming up .7 cents short per item ordered. We’ve been working with the Woocommerce development team on this and the issue is scheduled to be resolved in a release this week. Currrently the customer is running Woocommerce 2.1.12...

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Our Website Process: Part 4

Vallene Kailburn


Phase 4: Content delivery

Almost 100% of the time content is what will hold up a website project. What we mean by content is:

- Your logo in a digital format

- Your website verbiage for every page

- Your website images for every page

Writing content for your website isn't an easy task. We have writers on staff that will actually write your content for you if you have trouble with it. We also have great photographers that we outsource to help you get those personal photos for all of your marketing materials. If a photographer is outside of the budget, we suggest sites like: istockphoto.com, fotolia.com, etc....

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Happy Birthday Fort Collins!

Kayti Christian

Today our lovely city of Fort Collins turns 150 and, in honor of its birthday, we thought we would share each staff member's favorite thing about the city!

From the Web Development Department:

Miles - "My favorite thing about Fort Collins is its dedication both by its residents and civic leaders in fostering the small business community.  While being a university based city, its able to maintain a young energetic social atmosphere that drives a strong economy."

Mike - "I love being able to ride my bike to work."

Stephen - "Horsetooth Reservoir. It's a good place to almost instantly feel like you are on a vacation somewhere far way even though it's just right outside of town."


From the Design Department:

Val - "My favorite thing about this city is the fact that we have a reservoir right in our backyard. Whether it's boating, paddle boarding or just riding motorcycles up at Horsetooth, I love living so close to a gorgeous body of water."

Heather - "...

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WordPress 3.9.2 Released

Mike Selander


WordPress, like any good CMS, releases occasional security & bugfixes in addition to their major versions. Yesterday, WordPress & Drupal conducted a joint security release to patch an issue in PHP core that could have resulted in a denial of service attack on your site.

This is a really small patch, but if you are on 3.9.1 already you should definitely upgrade to 3.9.2 to patch the issue as soon as possible.

The Patch

The problem lies in an exposure with PHP (the language that WordPress is mostly comprised of - WordPress code itself was not compromised). The issue lies in the possibility of executing a denial of service attack using PHP's XML processing when processing widgets. It is an extremely unlikely issue, but WordPress prefers to be pre-emptive with security, so they released a patch specifically for this issue alone.

The really cool part of this bug is that this is the first time that two CMS developer teams have worked together to patch a bug in their ...

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The Correct Use of Your’s, There’s, and Too’s

Vallene Kailburn

You're = You are.

Example: You're so funny.

Your = It belongs to you.

Example: Your house is so nice.

They're = They are

Example: They're so awesome.

There = A place

Example: Let's go there for dinner.

Their = It belongs to them

Example: Their website is easy to navigate.

Two = The number 2

The two of us are going to dinner.

To = Indicates motion

Let's go to dinner.

Too = Also or excessively

That music is too loud....

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It’s Time To Review Your Visitor Flow

Miles Kailburn

Google Analytics Conversion Rates

When was the last time you actively went through your site from a visitor's perspective?  Probably not recently.  Sure, you've added a few new products, maybe lowered your free shipping offer and setup a few promotions, but when did you actually work through the site as one of your customer's personas? A couple suggestions to look at when reviewing your site would be basic ecommerce flow, multi-step processes and call to actions.  These directly affect your site's conversion rate and ultimately your revenue stream.

Demonstrate a Clear Sequence

When developing the flow of your sites visitor engagement, its important to maintain a clear indication of where the user is at in multi-step processes such as surveys, product builders, etc. This conveys to the customer where they stand in the process as well as to demonstrate to them that this is a simple “3 step process to select your widget”. Without this, customer engagement tends to drop off when they start to think there is n...

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