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The Sad Demise of Google+

Aditi Datta


In 2011, Google set out to compete with the rapidly growing social network, Facebook. At the time, Google saw creating a hot new social network as just what they needed to reestablish their status in the tech world. They set out to make a more cohesive user identity but used brute force rather than consumer-driven incentive. It seems like executives at Google had a sort of "If they [Mark Zuckerberg] can do it, we can do it better" mentality. As we've seen over the past few years, that has not been the case...

When Google+ launched, Google was dominating online search, growing in the smartphone world (thanks to Android) and was even getting started on self-driving cars. Why then, were they trying to venture into social networking, something clearly out of their wheelhouse? Now we know, this was an ideal case study on how an established technology company tried to impulsively compete with startups when it felt threatened.

Ironically, as Google+ failed, Facebook conti...

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Top Lessons from the Global Leadership Summit

Brianne Witt

The first week of August, I had the opportunity to attend The Global Leadership Summit, hosted at Crossroads Church in Loveland. The Summit is a worldwide conference designed for leaders from every walks of life to get better and embrace the grander vision of their business or organization. I learned a lot from 13 very gifted speakers, and from that had four key takeaways.

1. Everyone can be a leader

The Global Leadership Summit teaches that business professionals, teachers, students, athletes, stay-at-home moms, chefs, doctors, nurses, pilots, and everyone in between has the opportunity to lead people. Within your place of work, we can all strive to make positive changes to become more successful at what we do.

2. We are ALL in the business of customer service

Horst Schulze, CEO of Capella Hotel Group gave an inspiring talk on the importance of creating world class service in your business.

Service starts the instant you make contact with your custome...

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The Rotary Club of Fort Collins Presents Miles Kailburn with Service Above Self Award

Aditi Datta

Service Above Self Award

Rotary’s highest honor recognizes community members who demonstrate service above self, by volunteering their time and talents to others. The award is internationally recognized and is granted to no more than 150 recipients each year. This year, Miles of Old Town Media was selected as the Service Above Self Award recipient from the Rotary Club of Fort Collins for his selfless humanitarian efforts.

Miles' commitment to Rotary Club of Fort Collins is obvious. He is actively involved as a member of the Peach Sale Committee, Public Relations Committee, Greens Fore Giving Golf Tournament Committee and was a recognized speaker at the 2015 District 5440 Conference in June. Applying his passion for technology, Kailburn took it upon himself to completely revitalize the sales and logistics for both the Peach Festival and Greens Fore Giving Tournament. Ultimately, Kailburn streamlined the order and payment processes to help increase efficiency and usability.

In addition to Rotary, Miles...

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Event Planning Tips

Cassidy Lundmark

Postcard_DemoTruckEvent front

Event planning can be both extremely stressful and extremely rewarding. There is nothing like seeing all of your hard work pay off after throwing a successful event where attendees (and the client) are happy, engaged and having a great time.

Although we don't typically put on events at Old Town Media, we've been working with Indian Motorcycle of Fort Collins to plan a unique event. This coming weekend, August 14 & 15, The Indian Motorcycle Demo Truck will be at Indian Motorcycle of Fort Collins from 9am-5pm. Motorcycle enthusiasts will have the opportunity to admire and test ride the entire 2016 Indian Motorcycle lineup. As a special treat, Indian Motorcycle of Fort Collins is hosting an after party on-site on Friday from 4pm-8pm.

While it might sound simple and completely straight forward on paper, there actually is a lot that goes into planning an event like this. So if you're planning an upcoming party (by upcoming, I mean start planning for your holiday party) here...

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Our Plugin Toolset

Mike Selander


Here at Old Town Media, we have a set of plugins that we use on a regular basis to make our sites the way that we want them to. We love all of these plugins and almost every single one of them ends up on client sites that we build. There are upwards of 20 other plugins that we sporadically but these are the core of extra functionality on our sites.

ARYO Activity Log

ARYO is a great lightweight tracking tool that records certain activities that occur in the backend of a WordPress site. This is especially useful if you're tracking down a bug with a particular user or want to see how many times invalid login attempts are being processed on the site (ie: bots attempting to brute force in). The feature set is not very extensive, but it's a good catch-all for when you need to know what's been going on in your site.

Backup Buddy - Premium

Backup Buddy handles automated backups & migrations to another server for us. Their backup & offsiting tools are top-notch an...

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Google’s Mobile Movement

Ryan McKenna


The Y-Combinator-backed startup, Pixate, founded a service that helps developers prototype mobile apps running on iOS & Android devices. Yesterday, Google bought Pixate and removed it’s payment model in order to make it a free to use service. That’s kind of a big deal.

In the last couple of months, Google has also acquired Red Hot Labs & Relative Wave, known for their stake in the app development and advertising market. Add these acquisitions to the news dropped at GoogleIO 2015 & the “Mobilegeddon” search update earlier this spring, it’s pretty easy to see that Google is taking on Mobile harder than ever before. This time it looks like we’re going to see Google take an even larger cut of the creative pie this time around too. Apple has dominated among designers the last several years and it would appear that Google is going to change that. You’d have to be living under a rock to not know about Google’s Material Des...

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The Truth Behind Social Media Strategy

Aditi Datta

"It's not working!" he exclaims, filled with frustration.

As a marketing agency, we hear this at least once a day from past, present and even future clients. Though we understand the double-edged sword nature of social media, we try to remind our clients that platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are digital marketing strategies that are still in an awkward, not-quite-sure-of-their-place adolescence. Despite the fact that we incorporate these methods of communication into our everyday routines, they are still unpredictable, erratic and constantly changing.

The harsh reality is that social media DOES work, you just have to know how to use it to your advantage.

Define what it means for social media to be "working"
Have you ever considered that maybe you need to shift your idea of what "working" really means? Yes, the ultimate goal of any marketing strategy is to increase revenue; however, it's not really all that easy to tie your frequent tweeting to a real revenue uptick...

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Local Listings – The Good, The Bad & The Unnecessary

Cassidy Lundmark


Online listings are an essential marketing and advertising tool. Whether you are a start-up business or a large corporation, is it important to have claimed, optimized listings that you have complete control over. The more relevant include listings such as Yelp, Yahoo Local, Dex, Merchant Circle, Bing and most importantly - Google Plus.

Not only do these listings help with improving search engine rankings but most also allow for customer reviews, which can either help boost or destroy a business' reputation. Reputation management is one of the many services Old Town Media offers to clients, which includes managing and responding to reviews on various listing sites. The great thing about listings and reviews is that business owners have a fair amount of control over the reputation customers are sculpting for their business.

One thing we always stress is if your business receives a negative review, it is imperative to respond and address the issue in a timel...

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Stop Wasting Time, Automate It – Resizing Images

Miles Kailburn

Automate All The Things!

For those of you having to deal with images in just about any capacity, there are some pretty great ways to automate bulk edits such as watermarks, resizing and other tedious things using Mac’s built in Automator application. In our agency, we use Automator for image manipulation, data manipulation, connecting to cloud services for file access to name a few. This is especially handy for handling images imported into WooCommerce since the original is also stored after WordPress resizes the images.

Before Automator, batch resizing was done through some clunky tools, or tools that specifically just resized. This was a little excessive since Automator is built-in on Macs and also allows for a much more detailed control over whats being done, how and when. We’ve setup a simple little screencast going through the steps of how to setup a simple bulk resizing action that copies the source files, or simply overwrites them depending on your approach. You can also add in some additional fi...

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Men Vs. Women on Colors

Vallene Kailburn

Gender Colors

Often times I have meetings with both men and women who have very different opinions on colors for their business and marketing. It is usually difficult for one to explain to the other why they like what they like. We found this great infographic from HubSpot.com that clearly defines the common confusion between men and women and the color battle that can happen. Below will give a very interesting insight to your audience that you may not have thought about before.


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