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Founded in 2007, OTM is an award-winning creative agency with a flair for business. Our team is made up strategists, enthusiasts, and visionaries who are propelled each and every day by the idea of helping our clients grow. With headquarters in Fort Collins, Colorado, our team hails from around the entire United States and works with businesses that span the globe.

Chief Executive Officer / Founder

Miles Kailburn

Chief Creative Officer / Founder

Vallene Kailburn

Chief Strategy Officer / Partner

Kerrie Luginbill

Account Director

Rachel Schlegel

Account Manager

Jordan Jackson

Graphic Designer

Mollie Bickert

Storytelling Specialist

Dee Derusha

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Bridget Eriksen

Marketing Specialist

Lizzie Gauriloff

Digital Marketing & PPC Specialist

Kiara Glover

Storytelling Specialist

Samantha Kolodny


Nicole Ryan

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Some of our recent awards  & recognition

Old Town Media Inc. - Old Town Media Inc.

A little bit of background on how we got here

It’s a funny story, really…

In 2004, Val and Miles threw everything they owned into the back of a slammed S-10 Chevy and headed out West. At the time, they didn’t realize that you don’t drive a slammed S-10 Chevy in Colorado.

Once they got to the promised land, Val began studying interactive media and web design at the Art Institute of Colorado and no one really knows what Miles was doing at the time, but it was probably something that helped us get to where we are now.

Fast forward a few months and you have the first website that Val and Miles ever designed and developed together. At the time, Val and Miles hadn’t realized that this was ultimately going to become their legacy.

The idea of starting a web company didn’t dawn on Val until she drove her blue scooter to her first day on the job at an unnamed bagel shop to find that they had closed their doors and forgot to tell her.

We still don’t really know what Miles was doing, but he was game for the new plan. In 2007 Old Town Media was born.

Over the past 14 years, Old Town Media has evolved from a small web shop into a full-service creative consultancy and our client list has grown to include some of Northern Colorado’s most prominent local businesses.

We love what we do, we do it with pride and sometimes we accidentally drive Krazy Karts through office windows.