Kelly Steinway

Jake Petzke

Strategic Account Manager

A true midwestern addition to our team, Jake was born and raised in Bloomington Indiana before moving out west to Colorado. A graduate from Metropolitan State University of Denver where I was part of the inaugural Sales degree program, go Road Runners! After working with Cisco networking systems the last several years he transitioned to the marketing industry at OTM to utilize his technology-focused knowledge to help small businesses grow. Jake brings an in-depth knowledge of many different industries to the OTM team coupled with his outside-the-box thinking, making him a valuable asset to helping businesses, even in ways they didn’t think about. 

Jake has also accepted the role of keeping our bellies full here at OTM as he is a budding amateur chef, making everything from bread, sausages, pizza and fresh pastas. Making sure we all have the energy to attack the day! Also an avid sports fan of The Arsenal, which we now have to hear about everytime they win.