Marketing Perspectives from OTM Creatives

Traditional Marketing Versus Digital Marketing

Most people understand traditional marketing: print advertisements, billboards, flyers, pamphlets, TV, newspaper, and radio ads. Yet when the word “digital” is replaced with “traditional,” a lot of people stop understanding. As a marketing agency in Fort Collins, we...

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Eliminating Visual Clutter

Visual Hierarchy: What? Why? Visual hierarchy, by definition, refers to the arrangement or presentation of elements in a way that implies importance. As a designer, I do just that. I organize elements to influence the order in which I want the audience to see them....

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What is Technical SEO?

So you’ve optimized your content, researched your keywords, configured your meta descriptions, but what more can you do in terms of your site’s SEO? SEO can be thought of in three main concepts that work together to make your site more appealing to a search engine....

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Branding: What You Need to Consider

What is the first step in a marketing strategy? If your answer is “building a website,” think again. What about “setting up social pages?” Try again! The first step in a marketing strategy, after you’ve outlined your business plan and goals, is branding. Without a...

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SEO Explained

As an agency with a dedicated team of digital marketing specialists, we talk to our clients about SEO often. It is very common that we are asked by them what SEO is, why it is important, and what tactics for good SEO are. While SEO can seem complicated to most, it can...

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Creating Compelling Video: Tips from our Design Expert

When it comes to creating compelling video, it’s more than just how we put it together. Although creation is important, compelling video is about grabbing attention and making an impact on the viewer. Learn how to stand out from the masses within seconds with a few of...

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5 Ways to Use Video on Social Media

Here at Old Town Media, we don’t just hold up our foam fingers for you and your business on the sidelines. We are on the playing field, constantly keeping up with industry trends and strategies to help you get to your goal. In recent months, we have noticed that video...

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