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Together, We Can Create Change

Photo by Eco Minded, LLC Our collective motto at OTM: “1% Better Every Day” Today, that phrase has taken on a larger meaning for all of us. It’s no longer just a driver for professional inspiration, it now serves as a guide for bettering our morality and integrity as...

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4 Tips to Power-Up Your Pitch During the Pandemic

“Where there’s a will (alongside some added guidance) there’s a way,” is a mantra most media professionals — myself included — are working with these days. The ability to cultivate media relationships to garner impactful press coverage has historically been a...

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At-Home Video Production Tips

Over the last several months, we have all experienced a shift in work and resources. A change of pace, whether it just be in the way we work and shop, can lead to a creative reset. For a lot of us, this has introduced some challenges, but it has given us the...

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OTM Contributes to COVID-19 Relief Efforts

Old Town Media has mobilized to assist with COVID-19 relief efforts across the Northern Colorado community. Contributions include a $1,000 employee-led donation to the Northern Colorado COVID-19 Response Fund, and a supply of 250 hand sanitizers to Fort Collins Rescue...

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3 Ways to Recharge Your Creativity

By: Vallene Kailburn As a designer, I sometimes forget that my creativity is not a renewable resource. Constantly being “on” and asking my mind to pour out creativity puts me (and all designers) at the risk of burnout! By making a conscious effort to recharge, I am...

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