Public Relations & Content Specialist

The Public Relations and Content Specialist at OTM is responsible for telling the client’s story by weaving together public relations strategies, content marketing and campaign-based digital marketing strategies. 

Performance Outcomes

  • Create thorough public relations campaigns that align with the client’s vision, authentically communicates the client’s story and leverages appropriate communication channels
  • Implement and manage public relations campaigns effectively, managing budgets, evaluating and adjusting as needed
  • Developing assets for public relations campaigns, leveraging the design team for design, photography and videography needs
  • Implement and manage digital and content marketing strategies to support campaigns 
  • Create processes for distributing press releases, media kits, and pitch packets
  • Create processes for evaluating the effectiveness of public relations efforts
  • Develop relationships with media relative to client needs

Job Responsibilities

  • Write content (press releases, media kit content and blogs) with minimal errors
  • Create public relations campaigns, including influencer strategies and digital strategies
  • Implement public relations campaigns from start to finish
  • Implement digital marketing campaigns to support public relations efforts 
  • Evaluate and track campaign efforts in order to identify successes and refine processes 
  • Manage promotional product purchases
  • Manage print media buys
  • Manage sponsorships and community outreach for clients
  • Maintain an engaged presence within the community
  • Maintain and continue to learn through educational opportunities 

Desired Qualifications

  • Minimum 2 years experience in Public Relations
  • Agency experience preferred
  • Experience managing public relations campaigns 
  • Understanding and experience with digital marketing strategies 
  • Strong creative writing and attention to detail
  • Ability to work in high-stress environments
  • Attention to detail and strong time-management skills
  • Positive attitude and willingness to work hard
  • Self-motivated and able to self-teach
  • Strong communication skills

Company Principles

  • Produce Quality Work The First Time
  • Focus on The Customer
  • Have a Strategic Approach to Improvement
  • Improve Continuously
  • Encourage Mutual Respect and Teamwork

Required with Application

  • Résumé
  • At least 1 Press Release sample (cannot be from any sort of school or group project)

Cover letter detailing:

    • Why you’re a good fit for OTM
    • Detail one successful way you have garnered press and the public relations strategy/tactics used to achieve coverage

Working Interview

All applicants who pass the first interview will be asked to come into OTM for a half day (4 hour) working interview

      • Develop public relations campaign for current client need 
      • Draft press release 
      • Draft and optimize blog post 

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