Enhance your presentations online – and offline.

Nowadays, Powerpoint doesn’t really cut it. Every person with a mouse and a keyboard can create a Powerpoint these days and most of them are not pretty. Too many words, too many visual effects, not enough contrast, etc. We’ve seen it all. Well, now there’s a couple of services that both allow significantly more creativity and let you host your presentations online.

This amazing service is like a whiteboard for Powerpoint. It allows ultimate flexibility and customizeablitly, allowing you to make creative and unique presentations in virtually no time at all.

On top of that, the presentations are all stored online, so there’s no forgetting your slideset at home. Simply pull up the Prezi website and you’re off!

Speaker Deck
This service (while it’s easiest to use with Powerpoint) allows you to easily upload and integrate your presentations into a website. It displays them in a smooth and easily transitioning frame and makes for a very nice viewing experience.


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