Hailey Bouche

Content Optimization Specialist

Hailey’s most recent adventure: moving from Buffalo all the way to Fort Collins!

After self-starting her blog and running the show in the social media world for small businesses back home, she knew that once she got to FoCo, she had to find a group that spoke the same creative language as she did. Insert Old Town Media!

She is passionate about making the most of her time in the content optimization world, so that our clients can use their time to focus on the aspects of their business only they are capable of. After-all, she is a sucker for following dreams, and she knows that by following her own within content creation and optimization, she is better allowing our clients to follow theirs.

When she’s not at work, Hailey is busy planning weekend getaways, working on her blog, shopping for scrunchies, and finding the best ice cream that Fort Collins has to offer.