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Aspire 3D

OTM partnered with Aspire 3D, a newly formed non-profit organization serving individuals living within Loveland Housing Authority communities to create a brand from the ground up – including messaging, a logo and visual brand identity, a website and printed marketing collateral. 

Through our Discovery process, we were able to grasp what this newly formed organization would bring to Northern Colorado and we dived in headfirst into creating a visual brand that would represent the three Ds from Aspire 3D: Dream, Dare and Do. 


While Aspire 3D is powered by the Loveland Housing Authority, we wanted to ensure its brand identity could stand on its own while also maintaining the connection to LHA. We opted to create a logo with two taglines incorporated, one to define the three Ds and one to create the connection between Aspire 3D and LHA. We created variations of the logo that could also be used without the taglines for when the community’s awareness of the organization is strong enough.



We then created a WordPress website designed with a focus on the mission and beliefs of the organization, incorporating elements from the logo design into the overall look and feel of the website for consistency and to build brand equity.