Rebrand | Social Campaigns | Website Design & Development

Peak Kia North

OTM partnered with Peak Kia North, one of the largest Kia dealerships in the region, in order to refine its brand, build a new website and develop a digital marketing campaign aimed at increasing conversions and decreasing cost.

We began our partnership with Peak Kia North like we begin all of our partnerships – with a thorough Discovery project to ensure our changes to the Peak Kia North brand aligned with the Colorado Kia driver as well as the used car shopper.

We then launched into a three-phase project which began with a rebrand, moved into developing a new WordPress-based website and then launched with a complete digital marketing campaign including search, display and social ads.

We now work with Peak Kia North on a monthly basis, providing a full range of digital marketing strategy and implementation. 


 Through our Discovery process, we determined that the Peak Kia North logo was outdated and didn’t align with the current look and feel of Kia and its corporate identity. We decided to update and modernize the look and feel of the logo by incorporating solid colors and cleaner lines while maintaining the circular shapes from the original logo. 



 We found that while the existing Peak Kia North website touted a variety of third-party plugins, sales verbiage and outbound links to the Kia corporate website, they were really missing out on capturing on-site leads and promoting their extensive inventory of used vehicles.