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Colorado Living Blog

In 2017, Windermere Colorado Real Estate, one of Northern Colorado’s fastest-growing businesses, approached OTM in need of specialized Public Relations support. Over the past few years, we’ve worked together on various projects including public relations strategies, graphic design and website development. 

In late 2018, we teamed up with the Windermere Colorado team to create a completely new concept – a content ecosystem aimed at driving organic traffic to content created and curated by Windermere’s Real Estate experts.  


We began the project by developing an identity that consisted of two levels of branding: a primary brand (Windermere Local) and a secondary brand (ColoradoLiving). We artfully combined these two brands into one identity that could be replicated in different geographic areas, ensuring that the content could remain local and the strategy could span all of Windermere’s hundreds of offices throughout the United States and Mexico.



We then not only designed and developed a website for ColoradoLiving, but we also curated and audited all of Windermere Colorado’s existing content in order to repurpose it for the blog with a focus on engagement and optimization. We created a distribution plan which incorporated an automated marketing funnel with gated content and a seamless plan for disseminating information throughout various digital platforms.