Branding & Identity Design

“The brand is the sum of the promises we make, the story we convey, and the expectations that we want customers to believe we will fulfill.” – Seth Godin

At Old Town Media, we love to build brands with meaning. We don’t just slap together a logo and call it good, in fact, we constantly harp on the fact that your brand is much bigger than a logo!

Your brand is the sum of all parts: it’s your story, it’s how you package your product, the colors that you use, the photos that you choose and the emotions that you, your product or your service evoke from people – and why.

When we work with clients to develop a brand, we dive deep into our Discovery project first in order to learn everything that we can about why your business exists and then we collaborate as creatives to build your brand story.  We package all of this up into one living, breathing document that we call your Brand Guidlines.

The Brand Guidelines includes:

  • Logo Design and Usage
  • Font Selection and Usage
  • Color Scheme, Tone and Color Ratio
  • Brand Assets
  • Key Messaging
  • Key Business Information
  • Photo Selection and Filter Guide
  • Mood Board
  • Design Examples

Each Brand Guideline is completely customized to the client and inclusions are tailored to the clients’ unique needs.

Creative capabilities

At OTM, we don't try to fit our clients into a one-size-fits-all services package. We know that you are all different: you all have different skills in house, different strategic initiatives and priorities - and that's why we shape each of our engagements around you and your specific business objectives.

Brand Story & Identity

Your brand is not just a logo. Rather, it is your business at its core, it is the sum of all pieces from the logo design to the core values hung in your office and the story you tell yourself and your customers.

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Website Design & Development

Our in-house design, development and marketing experts work together on every website project to ensure that the output is a responsive and engaging experience for the user.

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Inbound Marketing Campaigns

Our full-funnel inbound marketing campaigns artfully combine digital marketing, advertising and public relations solutions in order to produce the largest impact for our clients.

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Public Relations

We leverage community partnerships and out-of-the-box ideas to create buzz and build strong connections between businesses and their audiences. Our PR Specialist focuses on cultivating lasting relationships with the media.

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Graphic Design

From digital motion graphics to multi-page print design, our design and marketing teams work collaboratively to inspire ideas that position our clients in the marketplace while setting the bar for the competition.

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Videography & Photography

Break through the noise and connect with your audience through strong visuals, engaging video and authentic messaging. OTM features an on-site photo studio and specializes in quick-turn micro-video content.

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