The Intern is Out

Today is the last full day of work for our intern Nolan, and frankly, it’s really a drag.  He’s been a great member of the team.

My teacher friends call it the fountain of youth, being around young people keeps you young.  I think they’re right, I feel 35!


Our average age at Old Town Media is 28, it’s a young industry.  It’s really handy working with that kind of young talent around.  They can set up my iPhone, teach me how to run the computer and even help me operate the TV remote.

In all seriousness he’s done a great job and taught me a lot about social media, showing up late and skateboarding.

So, farewell Nolan, have fun over at Clark Hall buddy.  We’ll be here making websites and kicking ass without you.  See you on Monday and Wednesdays, slacker!

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